Who Are We?

Based in the UK, TanTrap is a reputable and trusted online retailer specializing in the supply peptide enhanced tanning products. The best endorsement we pride ourselves in is the growing client base and excellent reviews we receive from our satisfied customers.

At Tantrap we place a high emphasis on quality, manufactured to GMP + ISO 9001:2015 standards receiving numerous quality control checks at various stages of production that ensure the highest quality.

“The team are brilliant in resolving issues quick and efficiently. Great customer service every time.”

Here at TanTrap, we combine sun with science to bring tanning products beyond the scope of traditional sun tan oils and fake tan by using intelligent technologies to promote faster, darker tanning with minimal UV exposure. TanTrap has introduced peptides with game-changing effects; these smart active ingredients are designed to boost the skin’s melanin production, activate the natural tanning process, and optimise tanning results with minimal UV exposure.